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Word of the YearIf you were to choose one little word to sum up your goals, plans and dreams for 2017 - what would it be?

Well that’s the problem I’ve been struggling with for the past few weeks - especially because I wanted my word of the year to matter across all the different areas of my life.

You see I have big ambitions for 2017. This is the year that I’ll finally master the work/life balance, working out how to manage paid employment, self employment and self care.

Quite a tall order, but one that is made even more difficult this year because I am planning on launching a new shop and lifestyle blog ‘Life is Better in Colour'

So… what ONE word could possibly be appropriate to cover my personal life, made by lolly AND Life is Better in Colour?

For a long time I thought I would need to choose something organised and efficient. Something like accountability, achievement, action… But after starting the ‘Find Your Word 2017’ course by Susannah Conway (huge thanks go to DitsyBird for recommending it) I realised that my word of the year needed to be more than just instructional, I needed a word that would empower and inspire.

After working through the five exercises and narrowing it down to a shortlist of just six words it soon became clear that I’d found ‘the one’ A word that was making my heart sing and made me feel uplifted and excited about the opportunities in the year ahead.


To please greatly, take great pleasure in, to charm

Associated words:

Pleasure, happiness, joy, gratification, excitement, amusement, luxuriate, relish, savour


And from that I came up with a new tagline too: “Find joy in small things”

For me this means more than just practicing gratitude and highlighting #ReasonsToBeCheerful Finding joy in small things does not mean only focussing on the positives, nor does it simply mean eliminating things that you do not enjoy (As much as I’d love to completely ditch all housework!)

For me the delight in finding joy in small things comes down to consciously making small changes to your approach. Sometimes these changes may be psychological but they can easily be practical too.

For example: IRONING

Scenario 1: I don’t actually mind ironing (but I don’t really have to do choose not to do too much of it) However, for some reason the ironing I do need to do always gets put off or forgotten until just before bedtime when you realise that something is needed for the next morning. This usually involves lots of sighing, some bad language and a panicked clearing of the ironing board (which lives in my craft room so is often appropriated as an additional surface where I dump everything that will not fit on my desk!) The iron then has to be left out overnight causing this particular overthinker to worry that it may have accidentally been left plugged in.

Scenario 2: At the beginning of the week, I work out which clothes will need ironing. I plan to do all of this ironing on the day I tidy my craft room so that the ironing board is already clear. I iron all the things that are needed for the week and make sure it is done early enough in the day so that the iron can cool down and be put away before bedtime.

In Scenario 2, the task still needs to be completed but by altering how and when it is done I remove the majority of stress and can delight in a job well done!

I know that not all tasks can be amended this quickly or successfully.

I know that the process of finding joy in small things is not going to easy.

Finding delight in all elements of the everyday is going to take a lot of practice.

And achieving a successful work/life balance while attempting to develop a new business is going to be hard.

BUT… I am delighted to have the opportunity to give it a go!


How about you? Have you settled on any resolutions, goals or words to help you through 2017?

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  1. Mark Gower

    Love it - what a great choice of word. :^) And the scenario shows a great way of thinking, too. Inspiring - thanks!

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