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  1. Reasons to be cheerful: It's our birthday!

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    Birthday celebrationsHurrah! Happy Anniversary to me/us!

    Today is made by lolly's 6th business birthday!

    To celebrate, I'm sharing a few different treats... If you're a email newsletter subscriber you will already have received your exclusive epic discount code, but if you're not, you can still get your hands on some party favours!

    There's free UK postage on any order from my Etsy shop if you use the code WETURN6TODAY when you checkout. Or, if you would prefer to receive a surprise free gift, just order from my Folksy shop But don't delay - all of these special birthday offers last only until 10pm tonight!

    So now we've covered the celebrations, I thought it might be nice to take a trip down memory lane and take a look back on how made by lolly has changed over the last 6 years. I've cheated ever so slightly as I couldn't find any decent photos of the work I was selling during my first year in business, but you definitely get the picture (all 32 of them!) 

  2. Reasons To Be Cheerful: September Stationery

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    1st day of septemberI've never really celebrated New Years Eve, or gone in for the idea of new year's resolutions. The thought of making big changes to my life in the coldest, most miserable month of the year has never really appealed... and being a contrary sort of person, I rally against the idea of making a fresh start just because everyone else says I should!

    Just call me the resolution rebel!

  3. Reasons To Be Cheerful: Pay Day Treats

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    payday treats

    Every month, around pay day, I aim to purchase something entirely frivolous. Just because...

    Usually, it is colourful, inexpensive and as often as possible I try to support #indieretail by buying from a local shop or maker. (Those of you who follow me on FB or instagram will know that last month I treated myself to a bright pink elephant shaped tape dispenser!)