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  1. shake it off reasons to be cheerfulToday… well it didn’t quite go to plan. Despite my best efforts, the day has left me feeling a little discombobulated and disenchanted.

    It’s hard to move on when you’re feeling this way, but I think it’s important not to let emotional baggage make a bad situation worse.

    So, in order to motivate myself to take my own advice and ‘shake it off!’,  I’m going to make a very special effort to focus on all the good things...

  2. 1st day of septemberI've never really celebrated New Years Eve, or gone in for the idea of new year's resolutions. The thought of making big changes to my life in the coldest, most miserable month of the year has never really appealed... and being a contrary sort of person, I rally against the idea of making a fresh start just because everyone else says I should!

    Just call me the resolution rebel!